Chess Openings

scikit-network name chess
Description Bipartite graph connecting chess players to chess openings. This is a weighted graph, where the weight of each edge is the number of times a player has played a given opening (ECO code), as the player with white pieces. These cover all standard rated games from June 2013 played on the website lichess. The average Elo ranking of each player over all his games is computed. Games where the white player had a temporary Elo (Elo with a "?" inside) were removed. Similarly, players with an exact Elo of 1500 (the starting Elo on the website) wre removed. Openings are coded using their ECO (Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings) classification. ECO classifies openings in 5 categories (A,B,C,D), each subdivided in 100 openings (A00->A99, etc.). We also know the name for each opening is this classification, and the chess move order that caracterises it.
Creation date June 2022
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Nodes 7,051 players + 500 openings
Edges 63,050 counts
Attribute Sample Type
Biadjacency 10 uint32
Column names A00 string
Row names Kazuma string